Wolf Gold Power Jackpot

Wolf Gold Power Jackpot

We usually write about Pragmatic Play’s Live Casino offering but think this Progressive Jackpot game deserves some attention: Wolf Gold Power Jackpot.

The game builds on the success of their all time classic slot Wolf Gold, but now with the addition of Progressive Jackpot feature with an average price amount of €4,500,000.

Wolf Gold Power: Progressive Jackpot

Having a progressive jackpot as a game feature means that with every spin any player in the world adds to the size of the jackpot. This means you can win this jackpot with a single spin of the slot machine. We tried Wolf Gold Power Jackpot and we didn’t get it on our first spin, however that only means we have added some money to it which you can now win!

Wolf Gold Power: Community Jackpot

Pragmatic Play wouldn’t be Pragmatic Play if they would not spice up the game with a crazy new feature: the Community Jackpot. During the bonus round, which Pragmatic Play calls the Powerjackpot round, you try to turn all 5 reels. When you turn all 5 reels you will trigger the Power Wheel for a chance at a jackpot, including the progressive one.

When the Power tier jackpot is won the lucky winner will get 50% of the Jackpot value, but what is more interesting is that the other 50% goes to the last 1000 players.

This means that if a player after you will win you can make some extra money! This is like getting a 1000 lottery tickets for free.

Live Casino Jackpots

With the popularity of the slot machine Wolf Gold and now its Progressive Jackpot version Wolf Gold Power Jackpot, it looks like Pragmatic Play is gearing up for a Live Casino game with a Progressive Jackpot.

At this point it is still speculation, but it would not surprise us if Pragmatic Play will release a new Live Casino game where players will make a chance on winning a Progressive Jackpot. Pragmatic Play often adapts their successful slot machines into Live Casino games. A great example of this is Sweet Bonanza Candyland.

Making a game incorporating both a successful slot machine title, a Progressive Jackpot and game presenters looks like a great chance for both Pragmatic Play and their casino players.

Progressive Jackpots: Live

Jokers Jewels, maybe soon in a Live Casino near you!
Win Big with a Progressive Jackpot!

The slot we personally want to see adapted to the Live Casino gameshow format is Jokers Jewels. THe game is exciting but simple enough to not detract from the live dealers so you can have plenty of interactions. Due to the nature of Live Casino gameshow games its the expectation that any Progressive Jackpot won by the players will have to be shared by everyone participating in the round.

Knowing Pragmatic Play this wont be a problem. They know how to make a successful Live Casino game!

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The Wolf Gold Power Jackpot averages around €4,500,000 which is life changing money
In the bonus round you need to turn all 5 wheels to activate the Power Wheel
Not yet. While many Pragmatic Play Live Casino games have the potential for staggering wins they do not have a Progressive Jackpot yet
Yes. With Pragmatic Play constantly innovating the Live Casino landscape we expect them to release a Live Casino game with a Progressive Jackpot in 2023