What does it take to be a game presenter at Pragmatic Play?

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What does it take to be a game presenter at Pragmatic Play?

As we all know Pragmatic Play has the most beautiful and professional game presenters of all Live Casino studios in the world, and for good reason! All aspirant game presenters go through rigorous training where they learn the basics of all table games such as Blackjack and Roulette, and how to make sure players feel comfortable and at home. For dealers which show extra special talent there is the gameshow academy where they get expert training in how to professionally host a gameshow such as Sweet Bonanza Candyland or Boom City.

The requirements to be a game presenter

Lets get on with it and give you an actual list of what are the basic requirements to apply for the job! Depending on the target market you will be serving, fluency in English is a must. You must have an enthusiastic and positive attitude with an outgoing personality and be able to maintain high energy levels for the duration of games. Being bubbly and out there is especially important for the gameshow format Live Casino games which require a more animated performance. Attention to details and excellent people skills are essential, you will be the face of the company!

On top of all of this you must be able to demonstrate the ability to think quickly, know how to handle pressure, and be discrete.

Game Presenter working hours

Live Casino games from Pragmatic Play never stop and they are always available. Because of this as a game presenter you are expected to have flexibility of working hours and the ability to commit to a 24/7 service pattern. The typical game presenter works during the day for a couple of weeks and then switches to nightshifts for another period. It comes with the lifestyle but can be quite rewarding. Working nights gives you the advantage that you can run all your errands before or after work, when all shops are open!

The perks at Pragmatic Play

As a Pragmatic Play Live Casino presenter of course you get to enjoy the many perks that come with it. Pragmatic Play always takes good care of its employees. There are the flexible working hours, game consoles in the break room, loads of free time (during working hours!) as the game presenter usually does a shift of 1 hour and then has a break of 30 minutes.

Did you get interested? Take a look at the jobs Pragmatic Play has available on LinkedIn!

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Typically a game presenter earns the minimum wage and a generous bonus
The Live Casino studios are located in Bucharest, Romania
As of September 2022 there are more than 1000 people employed by Pragmatic Play