The Future of Live Casino

Pragmatic Play and the Future of Live Casino gameshow format games

The Future of Live Casino

In this exclusive preview we will dive deep in the Future of Live Casino and the next new Live Casino game release from Pragmatic Play. Even though Pragmatic Play has been tight lipped about new games which are still in development we have spoken to several experts in the Live Casino industry who can make an educated guess.

What we know so far about the new games

Pragmatic Play has been releasing more and more games with a gameshow format. In the beginning of the 1990’s people were watching the ‘Wheel of Fortune‘ which can be seen as inspiration of the many wheel games available now. Mega Wheel and Sweet Bonanza Candyland from Pragmatic Play are examples of such wheel games.

It falls in the line of expectations that new Pragmatic Play Live Casino releases will fall into a similar path, we can break it down in the following steps:

  1. Find an old game or gameshow
  2. Update the game mechanics
  3. Add a feature where you can stake money on with a predictable outcome
  4. Integrate into your Live Casino game library

Pragmatic Play has done this successfully with Wheel games and now the next frontier is to do this with Bingo, Boardgames. For Bingo, Pragmatic Play has Vegas Ball Bonanza in the works and when it comes to old board games we know they are working on Live Snakes & Ladders.

Game Presenter from Pragmatic Play in Mega Roulette
Roulette is one of the favorite table games amongst casino players

Which Live Casino game from Pragmatic Play is next

While we don’t know for certain which games Pragmatic Play is working on, we can deduct a lot of info from current trends.

A list of shows which could be adapted to the live casino industry includes these:

  1. Family Feud
  2. The Price is Right
  3. Who wants to be a Millionaire
  4. Minute to Win It
  5. Double Dare
  6. Weakest Link

All these gameshows were undoubted popular when they first aired on TV, will their adaptations be well received as well? We believe that with the right team all these games can be made into player favorites, and Pragmatic Play has this team and maybe more importantly also the resources.

Playing together in an online casino

Seasoned Blackjack players already know how this work. The game is to take as much money from the dealer, so you want the players sitting in the boxes left and right from you to either Hit, Stand or Double at the right time. They also know to never buy insurance and always split 8’s.

If Pragmatic Play manages to take this feeling that players get from working together against the dealer and successfully puts this in a new gameshow format Live Casino game then this will be the hit game everyone is waiting for.

Maybe a gameshow quiz where if you help other players to win you get a part of their profits? There are many formats to imagine, and we are sure the games team from Pragmatic Play is busy with it at this very moment.

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