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Cash multipliers up to 8000x
Professional game presenters with stunning outfits
Immersive experience

What to expect of Power Up Roulette

The PowerUP Roulette live casino gameshow from Pragmatic Play is one of the most anticipated releases of their team this year. It is a take on the classic Roulette game but now with bonus rounds which can get you extra gains on all bets available. In this review we will let you know why exactly PowerUP Roulette is the hottest Live Casino game of the year 2022!

Roulette, but better…

As already mentioned, there are bonus round in this new flavor of roulette. For example with every new PowerUP bonus round played in the previous spin will double the next one. The maximum prize in the 5th round ranges between 2600x and 8000x. In the case of straight-up bets after each PowerUP bonus round played, the prize pool doubles. This makes for some big win potential from the best bonus feature that we have seen in any roulette game.

Power UP roulette Live Casino Dealers posing
The Pragmatic Play Live Casino dealers are ready to welcome you to Power UP Roulette!

Theme and Symbols

Despite the lack of recognizable symbols, PowerUP Roulette still has a few noteworthy outcomes. 

PowerUP Roulette’s primary betting options are equivalent to those found in regular roulette.

After the betting round ends, players will see a roulette table with various multipliers next to the numbers. 

The “PowerUP” numbers, which are directly tied to the game’s primary function, will also be displayed at that time. 

Below, we will discuss the bonus round in greater detail, but for now just know that only straight bets (bets on a single number) will be eligible to play.

Cash Prizes and Bonuses

If the roulette ball lands on one of the bonus numbers, you’ll be able to play in this special mode. 

Before the ball begins to spin, these digits will be shown. 

When this occurs, those who have wagered on any number get a second chance at a larger payout. 

In the first round, the maximum multiplier is 500, in the second, 1,000, in the third, 2,000, in the fourth, and 8,000 in the fifth.

Our verdict

Pragmatic Play updates the traditional casino game of roulette with this exciting new offering. 

Though the gameplay remains unchanged, the bonus levels are a welcome addition. 

There is no other game like it, and the user-friendly interface and helpful live dealers are big reasons why. This is by far the hottest roulette game around!

Power Up Roulette

Power Up Roulette FAQ

What are the Multipliers in PowerUP Roulette Bonus rounds?

Multipliers in the PowerUP Roulette Bonus rounds can reach up to 500x, 1000x, 2000x, 4000x and 8000x in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th round respectively, giving a theoretical maximum cumulated multiplier of 15.525x per game

What happens if the spin result is one of the PowerUP numbers?

If the spin result is one of the preannounced PowerUP numbers, the game continues with a PowerUP bonus round in which all straight-up bets qualify for additional prizes, on top of anything won already

Where can I see the accumulated prize of the game when the round is not finished?

During the PowerUP bonus rounds, the PowerUP summary panel gives a quick overview of the wins accumulated and the prizes for the current round of PowerUP

Can I play the PowerUP Roulette Live Casino game on my mobile?

Yes, all Live Casino Games from Pragmatic Play can be played on mobile. Both IOS and Android are supported

What is the Maximum win in PowerUP Roulette?

You can win up to 15525 times your initial stake!

What are the minimum and maximum bets?

On PowerUP Roulette the minimum bet is 10 cents and the maximum bet is 5000 euro

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