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Andar Bahar game highlights

Simple and easy to learn gameplay
Previous game round results are available to form a strategy
Generous RTP of 96.50%

What to expect of Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a traditional Indian betting game that has become extremely popular in the gaming industry in recent years. It is a casino game of pure chance where the odds are 50/50. The rules of Andar Bahar are very simple that even beginners can learn with just a couple of rounds of the game.

The main objective in Andar Bahar is to correctly guess on which side the Andar (aka inside) or Bahar (aka outside) card that is matching the Joker (aka the house) card on the table will manage to appear first. Below we will reveal everything that you need about the Andar Bahar live casino game from Pragmatic Play.

Andar Bahar Bet Types

In a game of Andar Bahar, the players have a chance to choose between numerous bet types, each of them with different odds and payouts. There are a total of four betting categories in this casino game, where the first one is betting on either Andar or Bahar to win the round.

The second bet category that the players can bet on in a game of Andar Bahar is the Card Count bet category, where the players are guessing the number of cards that are going to be dealt during the round, excluding the Joker card.

In this category the players can place bets on the following card ranges:

  • Cards between 1 and 5
  • Cards between 6 and 10
  • Cards between 11 and 15
  • Cards between 16 and 25
  • Cards between 26 and 30
  • Cards between 31 and 35
  • Cards between 36 and 40
  • Cards between 41 and 49

The third bet category is all about the Joker card, where the players can place bets such as:

  • The Joker card to be black or red
  • The Joker card to be Spade, Heart, Diamond, or Club
  • The value of the Joker card from values 2 to 7
  • The value of the Joker card is 8
  • The value of the Joker card from values 9 to Ace

In the last bet category, the players can choose to place bets such as:

  • The first 3 dealt cards to make a flush
  • The first 3 dealt cards to make a straight
  • The first 3 dealt cards to make a straight flush

Playing Andar Bahar for Real Money

In order to play Andar Bahar from Pragmatic Play for real money, you must first have to find an online casino that is being supplied by this software provider. That won’t be a hard thing do to as Pragmatic Play is collaborating with many online casinos in the gaming industry.

After finding an online casino that best suits your preferences, the next step is to register and verify an account at that online casino. Usually, the registration process won’t take more than a couple of minutes of your time and will finish when the casino operator has approved your account.

Next up is to deposit funds onto your casino account, as you need real money to play Andar Bahar from Pragmatic Play. When depositing funds onto your casino account you will have to select a payment method as well as the number of funds that you want to deposit, which must between the minimum and maximum limit of the online casino.

A game of Andar Bahar starts by placing a bet, where the stakes of every round start from 0.10 cents. After that, the dealer will shuffle a deck and pick a card that will go into the middle of the table. This card is known as the Joker and the objective of this game is to correctly guess the row that will hold the matching card.

For example, let’s say the dealer picks an Ace of hearts as a Joker while you bet on Andar to get the first Ace of hearts. The dealer will then begin to draw cards, one by one, and lay them face up onto the table, left and right to the Joker card. If the Andar row is the first one to get the Ace of hearts, then you will win your bet.

Graphics and Stream Quality

The Andar Bahar live casino game from Pragmatic Play is being spread with 4K cameras, which means that the game comes with a high-quality stream. It also features an amazing interface with detailed statistics and roadmaps.

Pragmatic Play has managed to set this live casino game in an Indian-themed studio with professional and beautiful dealers. The players will notice that on the screen of this live casino game there is only one table and red and golden background.

Mobile Compatibility

Andar Bahar from Pragmatic Play has been optimized for the use of any mobile or desktop device, regardless of whether the device is powered on Android, iOS, or Windows. The gameplay of this live casino game will be the same on any mobile or desktop device, which makes Andar Bahar from Pragmatic Play the perfect game for any device.

Payouts in Andar Bahar

The payouts in Andar Bahar vary from one bet type to the other where the main. When a player places the main bet on Andar then they can expect to get a 0.9:1 payout while the Bahar bet has a payout set at 1:1. It is worth noting that the Andar bet comes with a 10% commission.

If a player has placed a side bet on the first card to be Andar then they will get a payout of 15:1 while the betting on the first card to be Bahar comes with a 15.5:1 payout. The first 3 side bet options have the following, the flush has a 5:1 payout, the straight has an 8:1 payout, and the straight flush has a 120:1 payout.

Lastly, when a player is betting on the number of cards needed to reveal a card matching the Joker, they can expect the following payouts:

  • Cards between 1 and 5: 2.5:1 payout
  • Cards between 6 and 10: 3.5:1 payout
  • Cards between 11 and 15: 4.5:1 payout
  • Cards between 16 and 25: 3.5:1 payout
  • Cards between 26 and 30: 14.5:1 payout
  • Cards between 31 and 35: 24.5:1 payout
  • Cards between 36 and 40: 49:1 payout
  • Cards between 41 and 49: 119:1 payout

Final Thoughts

Andar Bahar from Pragmatic Play is a fantastic live casino game that has the potential to please every player that wants to try out this Indian casino game. It features a 4K streaming quality, which makes the gameplay much more enjoyable. The players will also love the fact that there is only one table in the view, which can help them not to be distracted from movements around the table.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar FAQ

What is the RTP of Andar Bahar?

The RTP rate for the Andar Bahar game from Pragmatic Play has been set at 97.85%.

What are the bet limits for the Andar Bahar game from Pragmatic Play?

The bet limits for the Andar Bahar game from Pragmatic Play are set between 0.1 and 5,000.

What is the biggest prize that can be won in the Andar Bahar game from Pragmatic Play?

The biggest prize that can be won on the Andar Bahar game from Pragmatic Play is set at 110:1.

How many players can play the Andar Bahar game from Pragmatic Play?

Pragmatic Play hasn’t set a limit for the players that can wager on Andar Bahar.

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