Dragon Tiger

by Pragmatic Play

Dragon Tiger by Pragmatic Play

If you’ve ever played Baccarat, then you should be familiar with the basic premise of Dragon Tiger. Dragon Tiger by Pragmatic Play isn’t a new game by any means. It’s an iteration of Baccarat which quickly gained popularity, especially among live dealer casinos. What it does differently from other games is that it offers players simple and clean gameplay, while giving players plenty of smaller bet options to play around with.


It offers a variety of features that will satisfy new, and veteran players. The user interface is really easy and clean, making for great accessibility even for players who are coming into contact with Dragon Tiger for the first time. Simple gameplay means that even if you are seeing this game for the first time, diving deep into the details isn’t something that will be greatly challenging.


Dragon Tiger Bet Types

Dragon Tiger has a relatively simple core gameplay mechanic. There are coins laid out in a list beneath the betting table which is placed on the fields before you. The interface allows for all players to see the wagers of other players since the percentage is overlaid on all the main bets.


Pragmatic Play has Implemented a variety of extra features in Dragon Tiger to make the game more fun and more enjoyable than a normal round of Baccarat. The live dealer addition makes Dragon Tiger an all-around complete live casino package that will cater to any serious casino player.


There are several available types of bets in Dragon Tiger such as:

  • Big
  • Small
  • Odd
  • Even
  • Red
  • Black


All of the listed side bets can be played for either the Tiger or Dragon card. Below we will cover all of the side bets, and how they come together in the complete gameplay picture.


  • Big will pay when the dealt card on the corresponding side is either 8 or higher. In the case when you draw 6, or less than 6 you lose the bet.
  • Small works the opposite way of the Big bet. If you draw a 6 or less you win, if you draw an 8 or higher you lose.
  • Odd pays in the case where a card with an odd number is drawn. This group includes A, 3, 5, 9, J and K.
  • Even pays when an even card is drawn on the appropriate side. This group includes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or Q.
  • Red and Black pay when the card is drawn either in Red or Black accordingly. All of the listed side bets pay 1:1.


However, there are a few more rules to go over, as you cannot place bets as you will at any time. Opposing wagers cannot be placed on the same side, for example, you cannot place Dragon Red and Dragon Black at the same time. Dragon Black and Tiger Black can be placed together if that’s the bet you wish to make. At the end of the 50th round, the side bets are disabled until the deck is reshuffled.

How To Play Dragon Tiger for Real Money?

Playing Dragon Tiger for Real Money isn’t hard at all. A quick Google search will quickly show you all available casinos that have Dragon Tiger under their library of games. Once you find your desired casino provider simply look through the library of games they offer.


It’s common sense and good practice to only play the game at a certified casino, so checking for the casino’s license can easily be done by going through their “About” page, or by simply reading the ToS. Casinos that hold at least one license should be legitimate enough for you to play the game at their place.


The last thing you need to do is register an account and verify that you are at least 18 years old. This means that you are legally allowed to gamble, and the casino will be able to allow you to do so. Make sure that the info you provide is correct, otherwise, the casino has the right to withhold any wins you make.


Graphics and Stream Quality

When it comes to the atmosphere Dragon Tiger is playing in, we have to say that it’s perfect. It’s hard to distinguish whether you’re playing on your computer, or if you are sitting in person at a real casino. Pragmatic Play has made sure that their studio is top-notch to give you the best feeling possible when playing this live game.


With a professional live dealer and a very easy-to-use UI, you will have an easy time adapting to the game even if you are playing for the first time. The visual fidelity of the UI elements is in HD, so there won’t be any diminished elements on the screen which will only increase the enjoyability of this game.


The stream quality is great as well, and we didn’t notice any problems with your gameplay. Pragmatic Play has excellent streaming equipment and there isn’t any noticeable input lag between your action and the live dealer’s actions. You can rest assured that the overall gameplay experience is true of the highest quality.


Mobile Compatibility

All Pragmatic Play titles come with mobile compatibility by default. The games are developed and based on HTML5 which means they work perfectly on any device that has an active and stable internet connection. When you play on a smaller screen the graphics stay the same, and their quality doesn’t decrease.


Payouts In Dragon Tiger

The payouts in Dragon Tiger are simple, and there are no confusing payout mechanics or structure to make you wonder what you need to do to win some money.


Side bets are the ones that will bring the most return on investment. There are two primary bets, which are Dragon and Tiger and they both give a payout of 1:1 when you score a win. To win bigger rewards, you need to play the bets called Tie or Suited Tie. To score on a Tie bet the two cards you draw need to have the same numerical value. This bet pays 11:1.


Furthermore, the Suited Tie bets pay 50:1, but it’s very hard to score a win as it required matching suit cards.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Tiger is a very fun iteration of Baccarat with a great UI, and an amazing studio to play in. The graphics are great and the stream quality is amazing. The potential for big payouts is there, although you understandably need to make bigger and less obvious wagers. However, the rules of the game make for amazingly fun gameplay which is always welcome.

FAQ for Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger by Pragmatic Play has a maximum bet of 10,000. This will sure make players who want to bet on higher amounts happy.
Dragon Tiger has a maximum payout of 50:1 which requires you to draw cards with a matching suit.
A minimum deposit of 0.20 is required to play Dragon Tiger, which makes the game relatively budget-friendly allowing for players with a small budget to partake in the joys of Dragon Tiger.
The RTP of Dragon Tiger is 96.27%. This is a good RTP rate which allows for a good return on investment when calculated over a longer period.
Dragon Tiger can be played at many online certified and verified casinos that hold legal licenses.

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